Watching The Media – ITV4’s Bundesliga Show

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Football, Media
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ITV4’s Bundesliga Show needs improvement

Welcome back to the glorious return of my media reviews! I acknowledge the best and brightest of those involved in sports reporting, while also clamping down on those who are not doing themselves justice.

This review falls in the latter however, as my beady of disdain has become fixed on ITV4’s coverage of the Bundesliga highlights.

First of all, I must say that it is a great idea for this programme to exist, as foreign football has barely featured on freeview television since the halcyon days of James Richardson presenting Serie A football on Channel 4, if you exclude Channel 5’s seriously late night coverage of South American football.

It should therefore be a wonderful example that great football does exist beyond the bordered walls of the Premier League, with German football actually being some of the most exciting and well-supported going at the current time.

Instead, we are left with a show that for all intensive purposes seems to merely fill some running time on a channel ITV feel is barely watched and that such a programme would of no interest to people who have The Greatest League In The World™ on their doorstep.

We’ll start with the presenter, whose name I didn’t catch and can’t seem to find out anywhere. Again, I will say kudos to ITV for searching out a German presenter, who will have a greater understanding of the game out there.

But for exclusively English television, they need a presenter who is completely fluent in English, as the broken delivery of the English language for one makes her difficult to fully comprehend at times.

She has also not learned the art of reading from a teleprompter without looking like she is doing so and it’s either her accent or a fact that she doesn’t appear to actually have any enthusiasm for the content she is presenting to us unlearned folks across the Channel. James Richardson, she is not and an Englishman who is fluent in German would have been a better choice.

We move now onto the commentary provided for the highlights and have the difficult challenge of trying to determine what they are attempting to do in this absolute shambles.

There are two simple ways in which to commentate on a highlights package. You can either take the route favoured by Match of the Day, in which you commentate over a highlights package in a live format, using a present tense, or you can use a past tense summary over the top of the action, imparting news/facts/figures to relate to the action as seen on Revista De Liga on Sky Sports.

ITV4 manage to fall somewhere between the two, somehow commentating in a live format, but in the past tense. It’s quite frankly amateurish at best and an insult to anyone who has had even the most basic broadcasting training.

It’s a fantastic idea and a programme that should exist, as there are many people who would love to watch it.

But in order to become a success, it needs a complete revamp, as the overall presentation is quite embarrassing for a station that has a lot of history in showing football programmes.

A new presenter, a lot of work on the commentary and a more prime slot in the running are needed to make this programme the success it could be.

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve not seen it, but I’ll look out for it. Have you done anything on the Eridivisie show yet? I think that’s awful, but the commentator has a fantastic accent. They do have an irritating habit of telling you exactly what’s going to happen ten seconds before it does, like an overenthusiastic child watching a film with you that he’s already seen. Really gets on my nerves!

  2. I think the presenter is an absolute legend and will quickly become a cult hero. Nothing about her delivery is bad at all; her few English mistakes are endearing. She reminds me of my old German flatmate.

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