10 Players To Despise In The Premier League

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Football

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, but I have been busy dealing with the re-launch of www.footymatters.com! (Check it out).

But I’ve been inspired by the good folk at http://www.football365.com to compile a list of Premier League footballers that I just despise. I hope you find my reasons acceptable and I would always be interested in hearing your own players of personal hatred.


10. Paul Scholes

Those that know me will have heard this a million times and have never agreed with me. And I can understand that maybe this is an irrational dislike of Scholes, given his long career of sustained success.

But it bothers me that a man who has sustained so many honours and accolades in his career has never bothered to learn one of the basics of the game; tackling. There never seems to be an effort to win the ball and he arrives in challenges about a minute too late. Former pros claim Scholes knows exactly what he’s doing, but I don’t recall seeing the ‘Golden One’ make a fair challenge. And this is why he appears here.

9. Morten Gamst Pedersen

There are a few reasons for my dislike of this man. Firstly, there was all that promise upon him arriving on these shores, where he had a couple of good seasons, tormenting defenders throughout the country.

Then suddenly he just lost it all. There was the addition of diving to his game (you must remember that laughable attempt against Arsenal a few seasons back) and the sudden recognition that Blackburn were the pinnacle of his career. Couple that with the fact that he looks like he was drawn by a Japanese person and has become a figure of ridicule for myself. See Arshavin, Andriy for that last reason as well.

8. Kevin Davies

At least with Rory Delap, there hasn’t been any clamour about his ability as a footballer, despite the fact he’s useless with the ball at his feet. The ‘Kevin Davies for England’ brigade is pointless therefore, as he is exactly the same.

Unless the ball is about six foot in the air, there is just no point to him. With the addition of a ridiculous amount of fouls on defenders (he is not harshly done by) and he becomes the most over-hyped players ever.

7. Jamie Carragher

Speaking of over-hyped and overrated…Carragher is untouchable around Anfield, but his regular appearance in the first team must surely be one of the reasons Liverpool have achieved bugger all in ages.

Now even the Liverpool faithful are beginning to realise ‘Carra’ is not what he seems. He’s lost yards of pace that he never even had. And it was always the case that those last ditch challenges he became famed for originated from his mistakes, through poor control or poor positioning.

Oh, and stop sending him out for interviews. Nobody can understand a single word he says.

6. Kevin Nolan

Never before has somebody so mediocre had such a high opinion of himself. Without the ability to do anything particularly well, he made his name collecting loose balls from hoofs at Bolton. People then figured out he might show up when something was launched at Kevin Davies’ head and he had no answer to that.

Since gone on to be mediocre and largely ignored at Newcastle. On the other hand, he did progress under Sam Allardyce. So there’s no guessing where he got the idea of having an undeserved inflated ego.

5. Anton Ferdinand

The most gormless looking footballer ever. We all know footballers are hardly the most intelligent off the pitch, but you can still respect that they know what they’re doing on it. Not this guy. Constant dithering on the ball has cost his sides various goals/points and it’s a wonder at times how he is a professional player, let alone playing at the top level.

And he’s appeared on Youtube dancing to ‘Soulja Boi’. Need I say more?

4. Dickson Etuhu

Basically, because I do not understand how he keeps getting regular employment in the Premier League. He doesn’t seem to do anything. He doesn’t contribute anything with the ball at his feet. I guess he tackles a bit? Lord knows, but he’s so forgettable it’s untrue.

Michael Carrick was another close contender under these guidelines.

3. El-Hadji Diouf

Obnoxious, annoying and provocative. He’s just vile. That sneering face makes you want to hit him alone and he has nothing about his character that redeems that. False claims of racist abuse and spitting are just a couple of the misdemeanours against his name.

2. Ashley Cole

Only number two you say? Well, I’m ignoring all this celebrity stuff and what he did to poor little Cheryl, because frankly I don’t care and this is a sports column.

But as a player, he is arrogant and brash. Far too much so for a man playing in a position you invariably stick the not-so-good kid on a Sunday morning. Those tears at being ‘only’ offered £55k a week will stick in the throat of any hard-working football fan.

1.  Sol Campbell

Ok, you got me, I’m a Spurs fan. But surely you can acknowledge that putting that aside, he truly is a despicable person. There’s never been any loyalty to any of the clubs that have paid him his hefty wages. Told Arsenal he wanted to play abroad, moving for free to Portsmouth. Upon leaving Portsmouth he waited for them to be on the brink of administration before issuing a writ to secure unpaid bonuses. This is despite being richer than some club owners.

Then there was the whole Notts County farce, where he was given the run-around by Morecambe in his one and only game before walking out on them as well. He is a man motivated by money and money alone. 

  1. Chris H says:

    As a fellow spurs fan, it pains me to say I think Diouf should be above Sol. I really doubt Sol is the only one wholly motivated by money (Assou-Ekotto anyone?), but at least he was a decent centre-back once: see Titus Bramble.

    Diouf is unfortunately not completely crap, but he is disgusting in every way. And he’s not great to watch.

    I wonder why you decided against Drogba? Perhaps his diving has become less frequent?

  2. wardrobemag says:

    I agree with them all (spesh Diouf, never liked him even when he was at Liverpool) but not regarding ‘Carra’. As one of the Anfield faithful, I think Carragher is a proper old school defender. He might not be the quickest, and he can be prone to the odd mistake (who isn’t) but its his character that has made him a legend at the club.

    Oh and I can TOTALLY understand what he’s saying but then that’s years of me watching Brookside and loving Scousers 🙂

    Nice post though, something to think about!


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