Federer v Bolt – The Cool-Off

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Athletics, Tennis
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In the timeless words of Monty Python; Now for something completely different.

Whilst the vast number of my posts have been of a serious note, offering an opinion on a sporting matter, here is something a little more light-hearted for you to get involved in.

So this has been a topic of conversation between myself and a number of friends in the past. Just who is the ‘coolest’ sporting star?

Now, first we need to define the parameters that make up this so-called coolness. The attributes that make this person the very person anybody would want to be.

Firstly, they would require success. Whilst anyone can have a likeability, it is the trophies and medals that separate a sportsman from ‘sporting icon’ to ‘loveable loser’. Not just one or two, but continued success is needed; they need to be a legend.

Personality is a key attribute as well. There can be no brash arrogance about this person, as that does not equate to cool. Strutting around with a false sense of importance is a negative trait, as opposed to realising how lucky they are. This virtually rules out a vast number of the footballing community then. Neither can they be meek, although sustained success does not favour the meek anyway.

So their on-camera technique is crucial to their status as ‘cool’. Good levels of charisma are a must, with respect due to the media that they require to publicise their outstanding abilities.

A winning smile is always a bonus, as it is required that us spectators know that they enjoy their sport and aren’t just doing it for a living. Sports people are the people we wish we were, playing the games that we can only dream of being paid to play. So they must look like they’re enjoying their work. So this excludes Andy Murray.

A signature is also something that separates them from the rest. Not necessarily in a showboating king of way, but a technique or action that somebody can look at and instantly recognise which master they are viewing.

So here are my contenders. Given the characteristics I’ve set out, I have narrowed my selection down to two superstars to compete head-to-head in the ‘coolest sportsperson on the planet’ award.

Roger Federer

In terms of success, this one is a no-brainer, as Federer holds the record in tennis for Grand Slam titles won, consecutive weeks at number one ranking, amongst others. All this despite the fact he rarely seems to even break sweat on court!

Yet he remains one of the most likeable people in the sporting world, due to a charismatic approach to everything. He bonds well with all the media, who he recognises he needs for his abilities to be recognised globally.

There is no arrogance to his approach to the sport at all, despite all the success. Whilst he is still in recognition of his own awesome talents, he realises he has no divine right to win matches/tournaments and always presents a gracious front in defeat, whilst still possessing such an appetite to win everything is amazing given the fact he’s already won everything.

He hasn’t chased the celebrity lifestyle either. Away from the court he is a family man, with a wife who doesn’t flaunt about in the tabloids and kids that he intended to father, as opposed to a drunken mistake.

Then there is the signature move. The ‘hot dog’ shot, performed throwing the racquet between the legs is a shot often practiced by those with the ability, but only the ‘Fed Express’ is hitting cross-court winners with them. Couple this with initial emblazoned headbands and you have a complete sporting icon.

Usain Bolt

The Jamaican continues to perplex the rational mind with just how quick he is. Having smashed the world record at the Beijing Olympics, he then proceeded to decimate his own records in Berlin at the World Championships.

And all this despite being a height that rarely makes good sprinters. Stunning.

Aside from the focus he gives his race, as soon as it’s over, he reverts to a fun-loving man, bouncing up and down the track, with a broad grin plastered all over his face.

He’s very personable in interviews and does his bit for charity as well, proving that a glamour lifestyle has not gone to his head. Again, he doesn’t appear in tabloids, stumbling out of nightclubs or having high-profile fallings out/flings. Yet here is a guy that truly loves life.

The name is just perfect for sprinting as well, with ‘Lightening Bolt’ given as an inevitable nickname by our chums in the press. Stick that famous celebration pose on top of everything and I’ll show you sporting icon number two.

So who does your vote go to? Or is there somebody different you feel I’ve overlooked? Let me know your thoughts!

  1. wardrobemag says:

    You know how I feel about Federer and his so called coolness…
    Bhav xx

  2. Chris H says:

    Can’t be fed. With his bloody cardigans. He really thinks he’s the coolest, so he isn’t.
    He’s only cool in the “iceman from top gun” sense of the word…staunchly unemotional.

    Has to be Usain!
    Plus come on, showboating at the olympics, eating chicken nuggets as “training food”-thats cool!

  3. Federer v Bolt ? The Cool-Off…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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