Cole And Liverpool Make Perfect Match

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Football
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Joe Cole’s move to Liverpool on a free transfer this summer caught many people by surprise really, with the England playmaker expected to remain in London with a contract at either Arsenal or Tottenham Hotspur.

After Chelsea decided not to renew his contract and Manchester United ruled themselves out of any swoop for Cole, it seemed inevitable that he would make the short move into the north of London.

But eventually he turned up on Merseyside to sign his contract, in a rare move where football actually makes sense.

A lot of people have said that Cole joined solely on the financial factor, which is a very short-sighted viewpoint. Whilst it’s true that Liverpool will pay higher wages than Spurs or Arsenal with their fixed wage structures, this cannot be the only reason.

He could just as easily made up any deficit in appearance fees and other bonuses, should he manage to sustain any form of fitness (a big if, if the past couple of years are anything to go by). So whilst Liverpool will pay big money to stars like Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, we have no real indication that they have gift-wrapped mega-bucks to land the occasional England midfielder.

If Joe Cole is to have any form of Indian Summer, Liverpool was the best move for him. Going to Tottenham or Arsenal would’ve just seen him warming the bench at a less successful side.

In terms of diminutive playmakers, that position is rather over-flowing with talent at this moment in time, as teams seem to be opting for either 6ft 5” giants or nippy players that just exceed the limit for midget-dom.

Arsenal already possess someone of that ilk. And with their staunch refusal to sell Cesc Fabregas this summer, it’s unlikely that Joe Cole will be able to saunter in and claim that central-midfield starting role he desires, considering he is less than half the player of the talented Spaniard.

Spurs also have looked abroad for their scheming supremo and it seems just as unlikely that Cole would warrant a place in front of Luka Modric.

Bringing Manchester United back into the equation, Cole could improve their team, but there is a feeling the Cole’s better days are behind him now. Better options are out there and their reported pursuit of the German Mezut Ozil suggests they are looking at younger and more superior options.

So Liverpool seems the perfect move. They have been crying out for a bit of creativity in the midfield since Xabi Alonso upped sticks to Real Madrid. Cole’s ingenuity could well prove the perfect complement to the thrust of Gerrard and the style of Torres.

Joe Cole has claimed he moved for footballing reasons and I for one believe him. Everything seems to add up for him and Liverpool to make a good combination; whilst Spurs and Arsenal should be pleased they have missed out on a highly-paid bench warmer.


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