Monty Timebomb Threatening Ryder Cup Charge

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Golf
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Colin Montgomerie exploded yet again at the Open, with his second round marred by a complaint against the noise coming from the BBC staff.

Apparently the Scot deemed the sound emanating from the BBC truck to be excessive and putting him off his golf. It’s quite a shame that this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened and it really must put his captaincy of the European Ryder Cup team under scrutiny.

‘Monty’ has a history of expletive-fuelled rants at cameramen, fans and the media for seemingly minor infringements which suggests that he struggles with pressure.

These outbursts only seem to come when he isn’t playing his best golf. There always seems to be an excuse for his own poor form, whether rightly or wrongly.

With fellow countrymen, Andy Murray and Sir Alex Ferguson prone to such things, you must wonder what they put in the water in Scotland.

But having seen how liable Montgomerie is to wild reactions, just watch as the US team spend the next three months jibing at Montgomerie and trying to get under his skin.

They already had the fact that the European captain had yet to win a major tournament to remark about the Scot. Now his lack of temper control will be the focus of the Americans and they will look to exploit that character flaw at every opportunity.

Monty is likely to snap at these barbs as well. Outbursts to the press will only serve to prove that the US are winning the battle of the mind-games. It is time for the Scot to try and tame that fiery temper if he is to serve his continent well this October.

For if he allows the Americans to get to him, he could be prone to mistakes brought about by tension. Failure to regain the Ryder Cup will leave nowhere to hide for Montgomerie. He is the figurehead this time, the leader.

The blame will lay squarely on his shoulders should success not be delivered. The time has come for Montgomerie to stand up and be counted.

Victory would represent his finest achievement in golf. Europe can only hope that the pressure (and the Americans) don’t get to him first.


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