McCartney Coup is Yet Another Waste of Funding

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Athletics, Football

Team Great Britain proudly announced that Stella McCartney is to be the new designer of their kit for the 2012 Olympics.

The world-renowned fashion designer is to work alongside Adidas in creating everything from on-track gear to tracksuits for the Olympic village.

I struggle to see why this appears to be such a triumph for the GB Olympic committee. Getting our athletes kitted out in designer gear will in no way make them any better or make them any more likely to gain medals.

It simply highlights exactly what is wrong with British sport currently. It is far too preoccupied with image as opposed to ability.

How much will it cost to get Stella McCartney to design all this? Just for her input it’ll cost enough, without the fact that every athlete we produce to take part in these Games will need to be kitted out with it. The overall cost will rocket into hundreds of thousands of pounds, possibly into the millions.

This is all money that could be pumped into improving sport at grassroots level. It’s been said so many times over the past 20 years that grassroots sport is grossly under-funded, meaning that we struggle to produce the next breakthrough talent to trouble the world’s elite in anything.

People have mused on where this money could come from or how it should be distributed. Well, stop wasting money on pointless image deals. Have we really come to judging athletes on how they look, as opposed to how they perform?

Likewise the England football team had a fair chunk of money spent on getting them tailored suits to wear during their dismal run in South Africa. Cleverly designed and made to fit, every member of the playing, coaching and technical staff was to wear them during official business.

There’s no need for me to go into how far that got us.

Even Wembley stadium itself could be bracketed into this ‘image’ category. Was there really need to spend billions of pounds on a stadium purely for international football purposes? No other country does. Spain play the vast majority of their matches at the Santiago Bernabeu, with others being used intermittently. Italy, Germany and Holland all use stadiums owned by club teams as well.

There is still this idea that England has to present itself as better than everybody else. Football is the main antagonist in this, but as we can see, athletics is joining them.

Why the hosting of a major event means we have to stoop to this pretentious level is unclear. But it just feels like a complete waste of money to spend this money on making athletes look pretty when there are far more noble causes out there.

So I only plead to the top sporting dogs to stop wasting money on fancy fashion designers and unimportant pieces of architecture. Start investing this money back into grassroots level sport and watch us produce a team that we can proud of, as opposed to a team that looks good.

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